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            The customer can obtain a choice GSM Mobile Number either through internet or by using SMS query from his mobile number and get a choice list of 10 numbers or by approaching the Customer Service Centre or from Franchisee / Retailer to get  the choice numbers. view order

1.         THROUGH INTERNET: - Customer can visit or respective Circle Site  like for AP (The link will be established from circle web site to centralized website at Hyderabad) and select the numbers of his choice to get 7 digit PIN number on his mobile. Customer need to input the PIN in the website   confirming the selection is competed.  On completion of this the PIN will be valid for 72 hours.   Now the customer is free to approach the nearest CSC or Franchisee or Retailer and inform him the mobile number and PIN received to get the selected choice number across the counter by submitting required documents.


Customer requesting and getting the choice number and selection method.
The customer can send a SMS through his mobile to designated short code NLIST
<SPACE><abbreviate circle code><SPACE><1 - 5 digits>   ----- i.e. ending with choice digits 1 to 5.

The customer will get upto 10 numbers for his choice and allowed to select one among them within 30 minutes.  The customer can reserve the number by sending the following SMS
The selected number will be made available to that customer for Seventy Two (72) hours, so that
he can approach the Nearest CSC/Franchisee along with documents to complete the formalities.


The Franchisee / Retailer Requesting the Choice Number / Blocking and activating through their
CTOPUP Number:

            The Franchisee / Retailer can send a SMS to the designated short code through his mobile to designated short code like
                        NLIST <SPACE>><abbreviate circle code><SPACE><1 - 5 digits>     ---- i.e. ending with choice digits 1 to 5.

The Franchisee / Retailer will get 20 numbers for his choice and allowed to select one among
them at a time.

The Franchisee / Retailer is allowed to send and reserve the number by sending

The list of numbers will be made available to that Franchisee / Retailer for 4 hours, so that they
can release those numbers to the customer as per choice.  The retailer can directly activate any number through SMS without necessity of confirmation. However in such case, the number will be activated if choice number is available with the retailer or the retailer will be immediately sent a SMS, if the number is sold out. (Sold out means either activated already or PINS generated or obtained by others on query).

2)  ENER<space> <SIM No of seven digits> <space> < PIN/GSM >

            Example: ENER 2536471 8262496

            SIM Number ---- Last seven digits out of 19 digits. (Ex:-   XXXXXXXXXXXX2536471)
            PIN Number ---- As received by the customer in his mobile. (Ex:- PIN received in the mobile).

1. Role of Circle:-

The Free GSM numbers are to be uploaded in Sancharsoft, for publishing in the internet. The Numbers that are identified as Free of Cost, need to be given to Marketing and after approval, the same may be loaded in .csv file format through their MSC login in to Sancharsoft.

The file format should be - <Circle Code><ddmmyy>CYMN.csv.  Ex:- AP101211CYMN.csv

After uploading the file, same will have to be approved. Once approved the numbers will be
Published and normally there should not be reversal request as numbers are displayed in Public domain. The sancharsoft system will Publish within 24 Hrs on the website after some preliminary checks. The rejected numbers will be made available to the MSC login users on the following date.

The URL for accessing the web interface (Restricted to access from Circle web sites and Corporate web site only) is as follows: which need to be hyper linked in your circle websites with the message i.e. “Choose your mobile number scheme in BSNL Mobile pre-paid services” (to be hosted on 16th December after launch). 

2.         Accounts Officer of CMTS unit:-

The CYMN scheme requires unpaired SIM Cards distribution across the Sales Channel. Hence
the unpaired 2G / 3G SIM cards need to be distributed across the channels after deciding the commissions etc., and offers if any to be passed on to the channels.

3.         Roles and Responsibilities of ITPC (Dev), Hyderabad :-

The CYMN data loaded by respective MSC login users will be validated and transferred to a
centralized CYMN Database server in an automatic scheduled job. In the event of the available numbers fall down below a predefined level, an automatic SMS will be generated and sent to MSC login user and Marketing. The customer selected number, PIN etc., along with optionally filled or selected details will be updated to the sancharsoft system at regular intervals of time, so that the concerned CSC, Franchisee, Retailer will be in a position to release the connection after completing the formalities of data entry etc.,
The data of GSM number and unpaired SIM number are aggregated from Sancharsoft and through SMS of Point of Sales units and preliminary checks will be completed before sending them for pairing and activation.

The ITPC also will publish various reports in sancharsoft and BSNL HQ intranet web site for
management viewing.

4.         Roles and Responsibilities of BCCS:-

Activation Process shall be carried out using Bulk Activation Scripts available with respective
zones. Access to Sancharsoft is available, ITPC will update with details of the request for activation that are to be processed.

5.         Role of SMSC:

The SMSC of all 4 zones will route the messages given by Customers and Retailers / Franchisee
CTOPUP to a common code (say 53733) and pushed to the respective Sancharsoft server /DB at Hyderabad. A separate 10 digit mobile number like (9490054141) can be used for accepting the messages from other operator mobile numbers. A separate short code is requested for using the same across India. The SMSC of the concerned zone will route the data to a centralized DB server at Hyderabad (IP Address:

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