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BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Free Calling to any Network

Telecom backbone announces the Unlimited Free Calling India from BSNL Landline which allows Free Talking(Unlimited Calling) to any network mobile and landline from all its existing BSNL Landline Plans during the prescribed timings to strengthen our relations with out any extra charges along with many free calls equal to BSNL Landline monthly rental charges.
BSNL has taken a dynamic decision at this competitive market, i.e. allowing free unlimited calling to any network from BSNL Landline, which is a major thing for all the Indians with out any increase in call charges for Landline and Wireless (Mobile) network.
Consider a family with their relations are located in various areas across the country, as of now all the calls between them are charging, but after this Unlimited calling announcement by BSNL, majority of the Indians are more happy to get their unlimited free calling from BSNL Landline to any network Landline and Mobile with out extra charges.

BSNL allows Unlimited calling facility to any network Mobile and Landline services with in India between 9PM to 7AM from all its Landline Plans i.e. General, One India, Economy Old, Special Old, Economy Plan, Special Plan, Special Plus, Super Plan, Premium Plan and also with Unlimited BSNL Calling Plans (UL 350, UL 500, UL 450, UL 600) by continuing the existing call charges to BSNL and other network and allowing many free calls equal to monthly rentals.

BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Calling to any Network
BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network Tariff Plans
At this time BSNL Broadband Customers, who are in combo plan has not eligible for this unlimited calling, the customers who wants to avail this additional facility of unlimited calling to any network can migrate to Non Combo BSNL Broadband Plans via Plan Change Online or by submitting a request.

This Unlimited calling offer is a regular offer with effect from 1st May 2015 and applicable for all new/existing customers in all BSNL service areas across the country on PAN India basis. So existing customers enjoy with BSNL Landline Unlimited Calling facility to any landline / mobile on any network. Where the new customers it’s the time to Apply for Fixed line via BSNL Portal or by approaching concerned BSNL CSC with any above mentioned Unlimited Calling BSNL Landline Plans.

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