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BSNL eClass - Online Education Service Launched

Now a days, why people are migrating to Cities and Towns, the major reason behind these migrations is mainly for children education. To overcome this gap, our operator launched BSNL Eclass - Online Education Service for the students of 1st class to 10th class with all subjects to make the students perfect in their education career.

In remote places availability of faculty is very very limited. In this internet age, eclass rooms are available to aid the students who are staying in the remote places. For this e-classes high bandwidth is required and considering the requirement, wide perimeter connectivity is required. For this concept BSNL is partnered with “Eclass Education System Ltd” to offer eclass services to offer good quality education services available to all.

There are many options available with the same concept. But this BSNL eclasses has a very good audio Video educational content with direct access to the students. Eclass Education systems are in the field of educations from around 15 years or more.

They know very well what a student really needs with respect to his or her Board of education. With the high quality interactive videos really helps the students to see what they visualize while reading the text books.

In this concept of BSNL eclasses, they have incorporated the best side of social media, which is a powerful tool for sharing the knowledge and having a better understanding while co-ordinating with other students. Blogging is a tool where you can post a topic which you want to share with the team and people can comment and they themselves will start a discussion on the same, finally yielding better understanding of the topic.

This is a very good option provided by BSNL for its subscribers, as the penetration of BSNL connectivity is very deep and further it will allow many of the talented students get a quality of education and also gives them an edge to compete in this highly commercialized education system.

There is separate corner to appreciate talented students where you can upload your creativity in the areas of Photography, Art Pictures, Poems, Story Writing, Projects and presentations. These gives a special boost for them who are semi talented also can excel to hyper talented level with that small capsule of boosting.

To follow BSNL eclasses just log on to and register in the site for free and according to the course you select from “Standard 1 to Standard 10” you will be charged. Before paying the charges/fees please check the demo classes for the same and can understand how the classes will work and how to participate in the forums and how to interact with the team.

This bsnleclass website provides separate corner for teachers, students and parents to express their views and guide parents to make their children to excel in their education. So utilize the content provided in and take part in building make in India with new Online Education Service E Class by BSNL.

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