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BSNL to Launch IP based Android Smart Landline Telephones with many Apps

Most of us thinking that we don’t require land line. But how many of us have really withdrawn the connection. If yet all withdrawn, don’t you miss a landline. Your mobile might be out of battery, out of signal, out of balance, might be sometimes calls interference and also call droppings. Have ever faced this one with landline. I can say this never happened to me.
The only one thing we miss was that landline is only meant for basic phone features. Can you imagine a land line phone can it make over as android/windows phone. hmmmm.. for this there is an answer from BSNL. BSNL is going to launch Smart Land line phones at Hyderabad, which will be powered by android to date and might be on windows at later point. Yes!! Yes!!.. we got smart land lines….by our own brand BSNL.

You can use the BSNL Smart Land line in the same way as your other smart phones. You can have Social Networking (WhatsApp, Facebook) and Banking Apps, Browse photos and many other App features a smart mobile will have.

In general cordless phones will have limited range, which will not affect us in terms of radiation. Ha you can use your smart landline features without radiation effect. This will be a good option for all of us have to think about it. All this is due to the conversion of BSNL exchanges to IP based switching. This facility is launched on pilot basis, and is going to start at Hyderabad first and is going to extend to 40 Other cities in India by BSNL.

This smart landlines are being powered by OS like Android and Windows, you will very good ease of operation for call forwarding, call blocking, call reminder etc., many more options. BSNL is the only company to introduce this Smart Landline concept in India said Mahesh Shukla, Senior GM, BSNL in a statement.

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