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BSNL, A Star of Landline & Broadband Services, Winner of Internet User Hearts in India

BSNL Rocks again in Landline Connection Density across PAN India Keeping BSNL Broadband Connections ranking on Top cards. As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report regarding Telecom subscription data as on 31st Oct 2014 which was released 5th Dec 2014, BSNL stands on Top level in both Landline & Broadband Connection base.

There is dip in wireless connection of BSNL in the same report, Still we have to appreciate BSNL continues as Telecom Leader for keeping its mark in our hearts. Coming to the number game as per TRAI report total telephone subscriber base for both urban and rural areas has an increase of 0.18% and 1.03% for the month of October, in numbers Telephone subscriber base as on Oct 31st is about 388.05 million in urban areas and 392.05 million in rural areas.

Coming to wireless subscriber base we are having 382.50 million (0.20%) to 386.57 million (1.06%) for both urban and rural areas. So, here the market shares of top 3 service providers in wired and wireless telephone connections. BSNL is having 63.13%, MTNL 12.93% and Bharti Airtel 12.41% for Land Line Telephone Connections Share.

Coming to both Wired and Wireless Broadband services, Top Three Contenders are BSNL with 24.15%, Bharti Airtel at 21.85% and Vodafone at 17.87% market share. Net additions in wireline connections are in negative mode.. Still our Brand PSU BSNL is still having its mammoth impression in numbers by offering the Broadband Services with Latest Limited & Unlimited BB Plans with lowest rates.

BSNL can be considered as an rural telephony emperor. It will not be exaggeration that without BSNL rural and remote places telephone connections are not even possible. That is people living at rural and remote places may not be going to contribute to our national GDP…That’s is BSNL.. Keeping the strengths in conscious BSNL has to check its backlogs and rather than thinking in a monotonous way…should come out and Drive Digital India as catalyst…for tomorrow.

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